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About 360° contents

360° videos gives the audience the possibility of a real immersive experience.
While watching videos the viewer has control of the viewing direction, since the entire scene has been recorded in every direction at the same time with multiple GoPro cameras.
This amazing tecnology gives its best with VR viewers like Oculus Rift or GearVr but can also be watched on more common devices like smartphones (Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, desktop systems, etc.) or even web browsers.
For the best VR experience SolidColor has developed his own VR player called uniVRse: try it HERE.
The same thing can be done with CG animation: by the use of the right rendering workflow, your 3D animation becomes an immersive experience for the audience.
SolidColor is able to produce and deliver the right panoramic video for your communication, your brand, your corporation or anything you may need.

uniVRse: more power on more platforms

uniVRse is a media player, entirely developed by SolidColor, dedicated to 360° video contents
with an integrated engine that takes care of spatial audio reproduction and the capability to add interactive elements to video contents.
These factors grants unprecedented realistic and immersive experiences.
Furthermore uniVRse is a multiplatform application, running on PC/Mac systems, mobile devices, VR devices and modern web browsers.

Open uniVRse with the link below, wear your headphones, press play and enjoy the future of entertainment.

Try web version by clicking on an experience in the gallery below

Visit this page on your mobile for more versions

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VR Experiences gallery

360° audio & video experience

SolidColor can give you a total 360° experience with the 360AV format, a new format which add to the common 360° video all the power of a 360° audio experience.
Spatial audio in 360AV is based on an holophonic array of tracks that reproduces the environment around you.
The audio-rig, developed in collaboration with SES, is able to take very realistic and high quality records of a scene, and it is perfect for live events or documentary since it can be used with standard professional audio portable recorders.
As audio source can also be used a standard recording, like an actor voice in a mic: our audio partners are able to put it into the right postion according to the movie environment.
uniVRse contains the algorithm that makes the sounds change in your headphones
according to your point of view while watching a video.
You do not need any special hardware to use uniVRse, any type of headphones will be good to experience an immersive 360° sound.
uniVRse is available on many devices such as smartphones, tablets and desktop systems, with VR devices like Oculus Rift, Samsung GearVR or Google Cardboard.
Our player is also available as a Facebook application and in a standalone web version.


SolidColor provides end-to-end production services for 360° video and audio content.
Pre-production, shooting, stitching, postproduction, app development and delivery are managed by our team of professionals to give you the best VR content for your business.

With SolidColor you will never be outdated!

Most of our profit is re-invested in our R&D program, and our know-how is the result of months of testing and developing.
Not only film-makers but mechanical and software engineers works togheter in SolidColor team.
VR is a completely new world for film-makers and video industry and we are the explorers.
Feel free to ask anything you want, and we will find the best solution for you.