Cinematexture is a new alternative to 3D graphics for the development of interactive experiences.

Combining sets, actors and special effects with gamification concepts, we create 6DoF interactive environments from real footage, where users can speak with characters, interact with objects and move freely in the space.

Since Cinematexture doesn't need any real time rendering, hardware requirements are extremely low, so it can run even on old devices.

Cinematexture is VR ready and cross-platform:
it can work on any device and flat screens, but it is also perfect for any Head Mounted Display.
PC, mobile
or VR headset.
Choose your style!
We use cameras and shooting methods typically used in virtual reality content production to film the environment that will be the base of the Cinematexture product.

Then we insert 6DoF movements and all of the user interactions needed to immerse the audience in a movie-looking world where they are free to do (almost ) what they want.
Benefits and USP
To achieve these goals, we developed a complete workflow that covers all of the aspects involved in the final product creation.
Watch the game experience or try yourself one of our Cinematexture projects