SolidColor VR is a production and post production VR agency.
We focus on delivering high quality 360 video and VR experiences.
Our team consits of filmmakers, software engineers and sound engineers dedicated to provide the best 360 VR solutions available.
We create high-end 360 video experiences for our customers using newest softwares and technologies.
Dior, Bulgari and Filmmaster Events are some brands we have created high standard products for.

Download our BROCHURE (Italian version HERE)


Working in VR field from the early stages, SolidColor VR can manage the entire production and post-production workflow to create the best 360 video and audio experience tailored on your creative idea.
SolidColor VR designs delivery systems that ensure your content can be displayed on any platform, building custom HTML5, Android and iOS players taking you further inside the experience with any device, including all major headsets.

Featured projects

Fabio Bellotti

Co-founder of SolidColor,  he is particularly focused on direction of photography  and video post production. Mechanical engineer, he developed each of SolidColor  custom rigs and tools for the video production.

Francesca Gerosa

Joined SolidColor in 2018, she deals with video production and post production. Graduated in communication, branded content and entertainment, she is behind the creative ideas of SolidColor.

Nicola Riva

Co-founder of SolidColor, he deals with software development and video production. Hard skilled software engineer, he's focused on Unreal Engine 4, Unity3D and web programming.